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Q: The zip file downloaded from the download page has no roms in it: where can i find them?

ROMs, like any other commercial software, are copyrighted material and it is therefore illegal to use them if you don't own the original printed circuit board (PCB). It's also illegal to distribute them, this is why you will NEVER find roms images on this site.

Q: Will RacerMAME106 be upgraded to more recent MAME versions? I wanna play the latest 3D kick-ass racer, you know...

A: RacerMAME is based on MAME 0.106 because of the reduced speed of emulation in "successive" MAME versions. In addition, RacerMAME106 is not intended to support all racing games the official MAME includes, but only a few hits (guidelines). If your PC is sufficiently fast, use RacerMAME160 for newer games: it supports all the games from the official MAME build.

Q: Some games are not displayed in full screen... what's wrong with them?

A: RacerMAME, like any other MAME port and MAME itself, runs the game with the modeline more close to the original. If you are running an horizontal game in a horizontal arcade monitor (4:3), you must suspect that the correct modeline is not included in your Video Card driver (if you don't know what a modeline is and how to add modelines, google is your friend). If you are running a vertical game (like Conquered Flag) in an horizontal monitor you will always see black vertical lines on both the sides, regardless of the modeline the emulator selects.

Q: Some games are displayed with wrong colors like in a "negative" mode ...?

A: First of all, define a "ini" file with another supported modeline. Second, if you are using special modified drivers try uninstalling them and re-installing them. Third, try setting to "1" the option "triplebuffer" in mame.ini (could slow down a little the emulation and introduce some lag). Last option would be to right click on the RacerMAME executable and run it in compatibility mode with a previous windows version (i.e. if you are running RacerMAME on XP, run it in win95 compatibility mode); this is not always recommended as could give problems (i noticed cut borders in some games).

Q: Games are running too fast (2x/3x the normal speed): what's up?

A: It's more than possible that you have abilitated the option "syncrefresh " in mame.ini: set it back to zero.

Q: Looks like my configurations cannot be saved in RacerMAME106: what's the problem?

A: You can save your configurations (.cfg) only the first time you run the game. I suppose it's a MAME 0.106 bug i cannot solve, unfortunately. If you want to change your cfg simply delete the cfg file of the game you want to re-map controls for and run the game again.

Q: What about the Force Feedback (FFB) or shaking effect (Outrun) or whatever output handling?

A: Well, unfortunately outputs are included from MAME 0.110 IIRC, so in no way you can take advantage from software's like MAMEHooker if you are using RacerMAME 0.106. Use RacerMAME 0.160 instead: it supports outputs (more than the offical build actually!).

Q: I like disclaimers and warnings very much: how can I activate them?

A: You can set disclaimer, warnings and game infos by setting to "0" the options "skip_gameinfo", "skip_disclaimer", "skip_warnings" in your mame.ini file.

Q: I paid good money for RacerMAME, may I request a feature?

A: RacerMAME is 100% free so have your money back! You can request a feature, anyhow, and it will be implemented, if possible.

Q: About H2Seq ... it doesn't work for me (or acts in a strange way...)!

A: Ok, take a deep breath... check, in the order: are the gears equally mapped in both the emulator and H2seq (check config.ini)? In addition, check if the default inputs for gear change are the actual buttons you are pressing! Are you actually running H2Seq before your emulator? The emulator (RacerMAME included) doesn't run it automatically! If you are experiencing a "strange" behaviour of your sent inputs (no or delayed inputs sent) try setting to "3" the "priority" option in config.ini (this is normally needed when a game is heavily stressing the CPU).





Disclaimer: RacerMAME is 100% free. Use RacerMAME at your own risk. MAME is a trademark owned by Nicola Salmoria.