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Games have been included in RacerMAME 0.106 respecting the following, general, guidelines:

- the game must be a racing game (would you bet it?)

- the game should be natively programmed to be played using Steering Wheel/s (optical or potentiometer)

- it is not necessary that video and audio emulations are 100% accurate, but there should not be problems causing an headache after few minutes of gameplay


Here is a RacerMAME 0.106 list of games removed from the available game list even if possibly included in first instance. If you know how to face the problem the game shows, please send me an email.

Continental Circus (Taito): annoying persistent (motor?) sound from the background.

Final Lap (Atari): like Continetal Circus, annoying persistent (motor?) sound from the background.



Disclaimer: RacerMAME is 100% free. Use RacerMAME at your own risk. MAME is a trademark owned by Nicola Salmoria.