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 rev 0.8.7d

... and here is the diff

RacerMAME106.diff (last update september 2015, diff included)

H2Seq is a small program i wrote to port "H" type gears games to Sequential shifters. It's mandatory if you want to play Hard Drivin' and Race Drivin' on your racing cabinet with sequential shifter. In addition "i heard somewhere" that it works with Model 2 Emulator and all the MAME versions, not only RacerMAME ;) . More info in the included "readme" file.

A very useful file to save your hiscores is included in Simply extract it and copy and paste the file hiscore.dat in the racermame.exe's folder.





Disclaimer: RacerMAME is 100% free. Use RacerMAME at your own risk. MAME is a trademark owned by Nicola Salmoria.